Maitland Ward Searches

When Maitland Ward, the former “Boy Meets World” actress announced that she was starting a career in porn films, searches for her name almost immediately became a top trending search on Pornhub. checked in to see how big the increase was. Our statisticians found that since October 1st we’ve recorded over 1.7 million searches. Even before the announcement, her daily searches averaged nearly 5,000 so she may be tapping into a keen market of 90s sitcom fans wanting to relive their teen-age fantasies.

Joker Searches

Hollywood’s latest iteration of The Joker landed on the big screen October 4th so our friends at TMZ asked if Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was killer enough to drive an increase in “Jocker” searches on Pornhub. Our statisticians found that in just four days, searches containing “Joker” reached 741K with a peak of 291K on October 6th. Bang!

When the movie “Suicide Squad” was released in 2016, it wasn’t The Joker who lit up Pornhub’s search box, but rather his girlfriend Harley Quinn. In our last Year in Review we found that even after two years, Harley Quinn was still the most popular Movie or Game character on Pornhub with over 10 million searches in 2018 alone.

Borderlands Searches

The first person shooter Borderlands 3 launched on September 13th, 2019 as a sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2. While Borderlands has remained popular with fans over the last several years, it’s never ranked highly among Pornhub’s top game searches like Overwatch, Fortnite and Apex Legends.


Kylie Jenner Searches

When Kylie Jenner’s Playboy cover photo was revealed, Page Six reached out to see if it had an effect on Pornhub’s searches. Our statisticians found that searches for her name shot up +661% on September 11th, 2019. What’s more impressive is that represents a larger single-day increase in popularity than her big sister Kim’s +629% when she appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine in 2014.

Most Searched for Tekken Characters

White reporting on the popularity of Tekken themed sex dolls, the Daily Star contacted the Insights team to find out what Tekken characters are most likely to be searched on Pornhub.

Our statisticians report that searches for Nina are the most popular, followed closely by Eliza and Lilli. Below you can find the full Top 10 list of characters.

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